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Apr 11,2013
Global Revival Ministries - Madina Branch
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Global Revival Ministries
Madina Branch â?? Accra, Ghana
Opp. Presec School

Jesus Christ in His earthly Ministry took most of His time in training His disciples to carry on the work of the Ministries. The evidence of that was seen in the lives of the mankind. Today, little or no attention is paid to training disciples into the work of the Ministry as commanded by Christ in Matt. 28: 18-20

Please call these numbers + 233-543467687 and + 233-20-8634203 For prayers, encounter and break through (JOBS, Travelling, Opportunities etc)

Meeting Hours:
Tuesdays: 9:00am â?? 1:00pm
Friday Evening Service 8:00pm â?? 10:00pm
Sundays: 8:30am â?? 11:30am

Snr. Pastor Moses Boateng
Global Revival Ministries
Madina Branch
Opp. Presec School

Pastor Benjamin Zionrock
Global Revival Ministries
Madina Branch
Opp. Presec School
Tel:+ 233-543467687 and + 233-20-8634203
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Apr 11,2013
A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted. ECCLESIASTES 3:2

A number of years ago, while our house was still bursting with teenagers, I mused on what life would be like when they were gone. Here is part of what I wrote: Someday when the teens are gone, our car insurance payments will once again be smaller than our house payments. There wonâ??t be any more white-knuckled rides, arguing about how fast is too fast or how close is too close.

Certain sounds wonâ??t echo in our homeâ??sounds of hair spray, squeals of delight over a new boyfriend, the sound of doors being slammed in a fit of anger or our teen boys wrestling upstairs. Windows wonâ??t reverberate and bulge with bass notes coming from CD songs that no one understands the words to.

Gone will be the dishes in the sink, the help for Saturday chores, discussions about whether a movie is acceptable or not, Bible studies on the book of Proverbs before school, late night knocks on our bedroom door letting us know that someone is home from a ball game. The telephone will occasionally ring for us for a change. But there will be memories . . . memories of fireside chats, grilled burgers, Dadâ??s French toast, Momâ??s eggs on toast, fishing and hunting trips, vacations, cats, dates with Mom, dates with Dad, more cats, breakfast in bed on birthdays, and prayersâ??yes, prayers by the thousands that have been offered up on their behalf.

So in the end, our home wonâ??t be empty. Instead, in the words of Bob Benson, â??Every room, every corner of the house, every nick in the coffee table will be crowded with memories.â?? And Barbara and I will â??sit quietly by the fire and listen to the laughter in the walls.â??

If this subject is present tense for you, talk about some of your favorite memories. If future tense, talk about the kinds of memories you wish to create.

Thank God for the gift of marriage, family . . . and memory.
233-546450122 (INTERNATIONAL LINE)
0546450122 (LOCAL LINE)
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Apr 11,2013
What You Are About To Discover
Will Shatter Every Belief You've Ever Had About Setting Goals And Why You've FAILED To Achieve Your Dreams

WARNING: Brace Yourself For The Biggest
"Ah Ha" Moment You Will Ever Have... And Learn Why The Process You've Been Taught Is Guaranteed To Make You Fail Every Time...

Dear Kindred Soul,

I read an anonymous quote the other day on Facebook that simply said:

â??Youâ??ll never achieve your dreams if they donâ??t become goals.â??

And while I understand the intent of this statement is to underscore the importance of setting tangible goals and remaining focused on attaining them, I couldnâ??t disagree more with the quote itself...

And if you will allow me a few brief moments of your precious time, I assure you that as we explore this concept further - it will forever change your life!

In fact, I will show you EXACTLY WHY embracing this quote will actually thwart you from successfully achieving your coveted end results - but more important - I will show you what to do to solve it...

Semantics? Maybe So, But...

Now, in some ways we are simply being playful with semantics as we embark upon this debate of "goals vs. dreams..."

But to delve a bit further into the realm of the Universal Laws, we rapidly see that the process of setting goals undermines the very intent of their acquisition.

To set a goal, in and of itself, is to illuminate the â??lack thereof.â??

So to say your â??goalâ?? is to drive a fancy sports car is in effect focusing on the lack of that tangible object in your life. And to further set your sights on daily activities that will bring about the acquisition of that fancy car is to continue to focus incessantly on that which you do not currently possess.

In contrast, to â??dreamâ?? of that fancy sports car in effect puts you in the driverâ??s seat (pun definitely intended)...

As you feel the wind in your hair riding the highway of life â?? embracing the feelings and emotions you associate with being the owner of that prized possession.

Feels totally different, doesnâ??t it?

And in your â??dreams,â?? as you feel the cool leather seats envelop your body, wrap your hands around the powerful steering wheel and shift into high gear, your reverie does not include pulling off to the side of the road to check off your â??to doâ?? list for the day, does it?

To the contrary, you are in the zone, at one with your dream â?? reveling in the moment.

Wait A Minute - There's A Problem Here!

The astute reader could wisely challenge me at this juncture and raise the notion that sitting around â??dreamingâ?? all day about being in that sports car isnâ??t going to make it magically appear in the driveway, now, is it?

Wellâ?¦ yes, and no â?? and hereâ??s where the rubber meets the road! (Yes, another shameless pun.)

As an Intuitive Life Coach, as well as in my own personal life, I am a huge proponent of:


Staying Focused


Being Organized


Mapping Out Plans For Milestones

But at the same time, once we set our sights on a target â?? I am equally in favor of letting the universe take the wheel.

But make no mistake, this is not a prescription for passivity â?? to the contrary, itâ??s all about Action â?? INSPIRED ACTION in fact.

Let's Quickly Review
The Old Ways:
(You Know - The Ones That DON'T Work!)

Weâ??ve all seen flowcharts that start at the top with a topic or a â??goalâ?? and then branch out ad nauseam into a million (or so it seems) infinite legs of action items, steps or yes/no scenarios...

But the very nature of a flow chart is a downward path...

And metaphysically speaking, spiraling downward is in direct contrast to the nature of the universe!

Likewise, a â??to doâ?? list follows that same symbolic, linear descending direction.

Next came Mind Maps â?? credited to Tony Buzan in 1996 as a means of note taking and brainstorming.

In Buzanâ??s model, this technique encourages a non-linear approach to learning or mapping out a project and enhances creativity as a means of sorting out a complicated idea.

But a Mind Map, or "spider map" as it is also often termed, focuses on what exists or a 'to do' list â?? so it never quite fit the bill for PROJECTIONS into the future and Manifesting your own INTENTIONS.

And thatâ??s where Milestone Mapping comes in...

An Introduction To:
Milestone Mapping

The foolproof technique that I have personally created and found to be most successful in accomplishing results is something I call Milestone Mapping.

And it came about as a result of my need to stay organized, yet at the same time, my utter disdain for flowcharts and linear â??to doâ?? lists.

Similar to a Mind Map, Milestone Mapping begins in the center with a topic, concept, or â??goal,â?? (if we may use that term loosely now based upon our understanding of its inadequacies.)

But thatâ??s where the similarities end.

With the exclusive Milestone Mapping Formula, you are about to discover how to:
bullet Set an intention with the Universe using a tried and true method that's guaranteed NOT to impede your progress like other self destructing methods you've been previously taught.

bullet Easily and quickly implement a flexible formula that adapts to your own internal being without formal constraints that interfere with the natural laws of the Universe.

bullet Remove any and all resistance to the successful realization of all your intentions - no matter how big or small.

bullet Create repeatability as you duplicate this process in every area of your life for EVERY GOAL you will ever manifest.

bullet Open doors that were previously closed despite your own diligent efforts which unbeknownst to you have actually been thwarting the very intentions you've been setting.

bullet And many more eye-opening, ground breaking ah-ha moments that are guaranteed to supercharge your results!

You see, this is both the beauty and effectiveness of Milestone Mapping:

You are the creator of your own reality as you proceed along the fabulous journey of identifying an intention and embracing the realization of the delicious steps along the way as you head toward the pinnacle of your intention.

But unlike other techniques, you are not pre-determining the path you will take â?? that is up to whoever or whatever you look to as your HIGHER FORCE - and how you interact with the Universal Laws at work along the way.

You will practice the art of allowing and embrace receiving the gifts that the Universe sends your way.

Even if there is a perceived â??detour,â?? you will be able to visually identify how it ties into the bigger picture AND come to accept its existence as part of the journey (instead of meeting it with resistance as you may have previously had the tendency to do).

But more than simply reducing resistance â?? you will discover how to allow yourself to be engulfed with feelings of warmth and appreciation that you are one step closer to the REALIZATION of your target â?? thus allowing events to unfold as they are meant to.

This time however, you have removed the significance and urgency of outdated, unsuccessful methods â?? thus reducing the resistance that often thwarts progress and leaves people feeling uncertain about the entire â??ask, believe and receiveâ?? process.

So congratulations!

You are now one click away from discovering the powerful, secret key to the art of remaining â??in the moment,â?? and becoming a Master Manifestor in your own right.

And through embracing this technique, you are no longer endeavoring to pre-determine â??howâ?? you will arrive â?? you are simply at ease in learning to enjoy the journey along the way!

But Wait...

If It's This Easy Stephanie,
Why Are We Still Here?

I'd like to make a confession and be totally transparent here, if you will permit me?

While I give you my honest word that the concepts behind Milestone Mapping has been responsible for every single success I've had throughout my entire life - resulting in me being dubbed the "Master Manifestor," by my closest friends and confidants - I made one HUGE ERROR when it came to teaching this formula to my clients when I first began over 2 decades ago...

In fact, back in my "greener" days, I truly thought it was as easy as explaining it to someone and they would simply go off and do it and get the same results as I did.


I wracked my brain endlessly to analyze why it was working for me and not others that I turned on to it...

And then one day a friend of mine made a comment in passing:

"Stephanie, I wish my life was as balanced
as yours, then I'd have it all..."


It was as if fireworks started going off in my eyes and I felt like I'd just discovered the Holy Grail...

It's All About BALANCE!

And that was the weak point that ALL of my clients and friends were sorely lacking in their lives - and my guess is that it's YOUR weakest link too, isn't it?

You see, even though I'd had my own share of ups and downs throughout life (don't we all) there was one thing I always instinctively held close to my heart - and that was striving to maintain BALANCE in all areas of my life.

And conversely, my clients often arrived on my doorstep seeking my assistance for that very same thing - even though they may not always have been able to articulate "a lack of balance" as their focal point before we began.

If fact, most of the time, until I took them through a rigorous (and VERY expensive) self assessment exercise, most of the time my clients had no idea that a lack of balance was 90% of their issues.

For years, my online moniker was "90 Percent Attitude," referencing the old adage that success is 90% attitude and 10% aptitude.

In those days, I walked the walk and talked the talk, but in order for a client to "walk" along side of me, they were typically committing between $5000 to $10,000 for in-depth, personal coaching - and that didn't even include their ongoing monthly maintenance expenses.

Fortunately for you having found this page though, it's not going to cost you anywhere near that to get your hands on the exclusive formula my prior clients were privy to only after making a substantial investment with me.

In fact, if you were to hand me a briefcase full of crisp one-hundred dollar bills, I'd have to turn you away, because I've incorporated all my years of training into an exclusive, self paced course that literally makes my high-end coaching on these priciples obsolete!

And I've done so because in tune with all the revelations for the year 2012, I've been guided by the Universe to consolidate my years of experience and make this powerful material available and affordable for the masses.



Your Guide To Letting The Universe Take The Wheel

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

In this never before released course, you will not only have at your fingertips exclusive training on the exact method of Milestone Mapping that has allowed hundreds before you to thrive...

But you will also possess a 5 Volume Set of Books, 5 Brainwave Entrainment Audios and 5 Companion Workbooks that will help you achieve optimum balance in your life...

With this delicious material in hand, from the time you create your first Milestone Map and beyond - your every heart's desire will flow into your life with ease and abundance.

You will bask in the glow of watching how fast & easy it is to successfully manifest ALL of your desired intentions!

Just sit back and absorb this inspired collection:

Milestone Mapping Mastery

Case Study Training Video:

The pivotal resource for manifesting all that you desire is revealed in this comprehensive video featuring a case study that will lead you by the hand and outline each and every step you will take in creating your very own Milestone Map.

Milestone Mapping Mastery

Core Intentions Workbook & Brainwave Entrainment Audio:

An indispensible resource that you will use over and over again each and every time you set an intention for manifesting whatever you desire in life.

This workbook and companion brainwave entrainment audio will allow you to identify and focus in on the exact goal you are setting and bring clarity and focus around the path you will take to achieve it.

Milestone Mapping Mastery

How Fear Affects Our Wellbeing
On All Levels:

There is a level of fear that keeps us alive - and there is a fear that keeps us from living.

The balance point in life is found where you are able to surrender to the moment and live it to the fullest and this book, companion workbook and brainwave entrainment audio will take you to that optimum state of balance effortlessly.

Milestone Mapping Mastery

How Finance and Fortune Is
Part of Our Future:

To look at the perfect balance of wealth and finances, we must first acknowledge that it is energy! When energy is in alignment and balance, everything flows freely and perfectly in divine order.

With this book, workbook and brainwave entrainment audio, you will learn how to become a conscious creator in restoring balance to your own financial wellbeing.

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

Milestone Mapping Mastery

How Friends Challenge Us To
Heal and Grow:

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

When you figure out which one it is utilizing the exercises in this book and workbook, you will know what to do for each person and tap the synergy that you will build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation as it relates to your own life and to theirs.

Milestone Mapping Mastery

How Family Plays A Significant
Role In Our Life Purpose:

Our family members are the ones we are the most connected to throughout our childhood where the habits, beliefs, programming and patterning are being formed. Each member of the family plays a significant role in developing these qualities and sharing them with each other.

Inside this book and workbook and in conjunction with the brainwave entrainment audio, you will learn the ideal way to bring balance and harmony into your familial relationships.

Milestone Mapping Mastery

How Faith Is Essential To Our Wellbeing:

Choosing your beliefs and faith is an important part of being a responsible soul on this planet. It must be a choice that your heart is happy with, and that brings you comfort or joy in moments when you need assistance.

After listening to this brainwave entrainment audio, reading this book and completing the workbook exercises, when felt and followed, your fait will be unshakeable and unbreakable.

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

As you can see, I've held NOTHING back, and you are mere moments away from claiming it all as your very own!

And from the minute you download this exclusive collection and move at a pace that's comfortable to you, it will begin your most grand adventure of all, producing results at the speed you've always longed for.

Just look at what you are about to accomplish as you bring your life into balance and manifest your desires:


One simple exercise that will enable you to ascend to a higher level of creation and define your life's purpose - breaking through all the illusions and barriers that previously stood in your path. (Family/Page 28).


Identify with laser sharp focus exactly what you want to achieve and how to take the most direct & effortless route getting there. (Core Intentions/Page 1).


The shocking truth about the leading cause of becoming disconnected from source and how to avoid the devastating results that are guaranteed to follow if you don't stop it in its wake of destruction. (Fear/Page 17).


3 critical distinctions between the people in your life and which one will guarantee a solid emotional foundation. (Friends/Page 16).


Why the old "work hard - do well" attitude no longer serves us and what to replace it with so that your soul will be fulfilled instead of perpetually burnt out. (Finance/Page 12).


The powerful "right" that every soul has and how to call upon it in difficult or challenging times. (Faith/13).


Discover the role of fear in the game of Karma and how to keep it from undermining your efforts. (Fear/Page 16).

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

No matter what processes have failed you in the past or what missing link has caused you to miss-step in your own Manifesting, you will quickly see how Milestone Mapping Mastery is simply a reflection of the path you've always been destined to take.

It is a refection of YOU and how your dreams are coming to fruition - NOT a contrived list of steps, but rather the real time execution of the steps taking you to where you desire.

And all that stands between you and fulfilling your intentions is to take my hand and allow me to guide you as you take action and download Milestone Mapping Mastery TODAY!

I'm Going One Step
Further Though...

I am going to give you an opportunity to refine your inner balance even further...

As an added BONUS, I've gathered a comprehensive library of tools and resources for you that will allow you to further refine and hone in on the 5 core areas of Fear, Finance, Family, Friends and Faith that you will learn in Milestone Mapping Mastery.

Yes, so that you can eternally solidify the balance you've been seeking, I'm raising the "Balance Bar" even further to complement your Milestone Mapping endeavors with these hand picked BONUSES:


~ 30 Volume Set ~

By Applying The Advanced Strategies In This Set, You Will Be Training Your Subconscious Mind And Rewiring Your Financial Blueprint!

In this series you will learn to hone in on these strategic aspects of balancing your life:

An All Important Holistic Guide
The Reality Mindset
Reality Roadblocks
Attracting Authentic Affection
Affection Roadblocks
The Might Of The Fighter
Overcoming Resistances
Achieving Oneness Through Unison
Taking Command
Harnessing Your True Authority In Life
The Might Of The Brave
Accomplishing Your True Calling
Aptitudes And Attitudes
Unlimited Potential

Positive Habit Attraction Models
Discarding Negative Habits
Occupation And Career Blitzing
The Self Assessment Test
Money Management Methods
Money Attraction Secrets
Physical Wellness Secrets
You Are What You Eat
Mind Health Secrets
Relationship Attraction Secrets
Strengthen The Bond
The Power Of The Entrepreneurâ??s Mind
Universal Attraction Law
The Power Of Prayer
The Power Of The Present Moment


30 Beautiful Motivational Posters

Enjoy this collection designed to glitter your desktop, your blogs and even your bedroom wall (printing them on high quality paper will save you lots of money buying them in a shop!)

When you can set your eyes on something beautiful and peaceful like this, you'll be motivated to keep your own personal resolve for change!


20 Affirmations And Mantras
(In Printable PDF format, suitable for framing)

Affirmations refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking - fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything."

More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to one's self and written down frequently.

Supercharge your life, motivate yourself and
live with greater energy TODAY with
these affirmations that cover:

Discovering Affirmations
Balancing Truth

Saying No
Positive Thinking
Your Best
What's Important

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

Look again at everything you are about to embrace:

Your Milestone Mapping Package Includes:

Retail Value:
Milestone Map Case Study Training Video

"Core Intentions" Workbook

Milestone Mapping Mastery - Fear $147.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Fear Workbook $67.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Finance $147.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Finance Workbook $67.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Family $147.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Family Workbook $67.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Friends $147.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Friends Workbook $67.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Faith $147.00
Milestone Mapping Mastery - Faith Workbook $67.00
Bonus #1 - ~ 30 Volume Set ~
Bonus #2 - 30 Beautiful Motivational Posters $47.00
Bonus #3 - 20 Affirmations And Mantras $27.00


So What Is This Going To
Cost Me, Stephanie?

Truly, the more profound question might be, "what is the cost of NOT learning how to manifest your intentions with Milestone Mapping Mastery"

After all, when you possess the ability to become a Master Manifestor, you really will be able to design the life of your dreams, won't you?

And that is why I was guided to making this material available to those who have arrived and are ready to receive it.

And because you are here reading this right this very moment, I believe in my heart, that is you!

The overall theme of the year 2012 is one of Unity and Transformation and the time has come to put this powerful material into the hands of as many people worldwide as possible - to fulfill the mission that has been bestowed upon me.

To honor this, I couldn't possibly put it out of reach of those who need it most. And this is why I am offering Milestone Mapping Mastery for the affordable price of $97.00, $47.

That's Right - Only $47.00

$27 Now Through Easter!

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

And at first glance, you may think this may anger my former clients who paid a minimum of $5000 to experience my teachings...

But guess what?

Each and everyone of them have gone on to carve out the life of their dreams and they are at peace with the decisions they made and the overwhelming results they received.

In fact, many see themselves as an integral part of laying the foundation for YOU to avail yourself to this powerful material and are thrilled to have assumed that role.

Take this heartfelt testimonial from Kathy for example...

A New Age...a new way of doing things.

Congratulations Stephanie. What you have given us with Milestone Mapping Mastery is beyond simple technique.
This powerful course is the new inspired way of achieving success in life...of realizing our dreams.
It is the New Paradigm of thought/action.

It is no coincidence that this powerful, inspired course is brought forth in 2012...the time of enlightened/heightened consciousness.

Milestone Mapping Mastery does much more than just teach inspired technique...it actually cleanses the mind of old worn out, useless processes that only serve to impede our path to success and trains/fills our minds with the new enlightened way of doing things.

Stripped of all borders, limitations and boundaries that formerly applied to our personal visions of success as we misused energy...this simple, evolved course invites All Potential to participate in the magic creative dance by keeping energies in the NOW...where All Potential exists...giving Divine Expression full expression rather than limited.

Using the techniques outlined in this powerful course, you learn to lovingly embrace rather than resist the moment. That's where magic is made.

Milestone Mapping Mastery is both a process and a tool.

A tool that aligns us with the Source of creative Power within to manifest our dreams...and more importantly, a process that will stay with us forever as we embrace this new paradigm...this new enlightened way of living and creating.

You are a way-shower and a pioneer Stephanie.
Milestone Mapping Mastery is more than pure genius...it is Divinely inspired Truth.

Kathy Dobson

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now

So I could easily package this powerful training as a thousand dollar course or charge even more for a live workshop or one-on-one training...

But I want YOU to get started immediately, in the comfort of your own home and I have faith in you that you will go on to great heights, just as my clients and colleagues have...

Lily Manifested $115,000 'Out Of Nowhere' In 2 Weeks...

Wow Stephanie! I am nearly speechless.

After you taught me the Milestone Mapping technique I decided I was going to go bold and use it to create $100,000 for myself. I can't recall if it was within 1 week or 2, but literally THAT quickly after completing my Milestone Mapping exercise, I received a call about a business partnership (seemingly "out of nowhere") that has yielded me $115,000 and will likely surpass that amount if the relationship extends beyond our scheduled completion date (and it looks like it will!) And that's just one business relationship!

Now I've decided to use it again to create $500,000 more!

Thank you for such a wonderful tool!

Lily Jensen

Dissolving Urgency and resistance...

Being a â??language geekâ?? myself, I appreciate very much the distinction you make between goals and dreamsâ?¦ and more importantly the energetic difference!

Iâ??m a huge proponent of keeping a Success Journal and this is totally in line with that practice. Your process really does allow for dissolving urgency and resistance. Thank you for shedding light on the subtle but essential distinctions you make.

Janice Masters

Addressing A Multitude Of Life's Challenges...

Stephanie, I simply LOVED your Milestone Mapping Formula!

I believe one of the most important rituals in life that needs to be mastered is continually investing in your knowledge and always becoming better. By watching the Milestone Mapping training video along with studying the ebooks and workbooks, it can radically help people in a multitude of life's challenges - whether spiritual, financial or health related!

I'll be continually returning to this package every time I feel the desire for an influx of positivity and inspiration.

Fantastic work Stephanie.

Simon Stanley

Within two weeks I secured the best team of my dreams...

Stephanie, I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have learned your Milestone Mapping Technique!

I launched a fledgling company and the techniques you taught me enabled me to work smart and fill the
missing members of the team.

I needed to fill important positions to ensure success and within two weeks I secured the best team of my dreams after employing the Milestone Mapping Technique. I was able to move past resisting against/resistance and relax in the faith that my needs would be fulfilled without pushing and worrying.

I followed the key elements of moving out of the linear list building, the downward flow chart and used the tools you presented to balance all aspects of my life.

So much gratitude Stephanie, my life is exponentially easier and harmonious since I have used the awesome tools of Milestone Mapping. I am presently working with your technique to secure my target audience with excellent customer relationship management.

Suzen Fontana

The concept of Milestone Mapping is pure genius!

The perfect marriage of intention setting and markers of success without all the potential negative trappings of goal setting gone wrong.

I love this and canâ??t wait to try it out for myself, and to share the idea with a group of young adults Iâ??m currently teaching, who are hungry for suggestions for ways to map out a success plan without the trail of disappointment that comes from a history of not achieving goals.

Nanette Saylor

CLICK HERE To Download
Milestone Mapping Mastery Now


I totally understand that you may be reflecting on a lot of things you've tried in the past that haven't panned out, and I can appreciate that, because we've all been there.

My frustration however, is that I know in my heart of hearts that if you truly apply what I am teaching you in Milestone Mapping Mastery you CAN'T go wrong! It's really as simple as that.

But I'm willing to go one step further to remove any conceivable doubt you may have - now or in the future...

I'm that confident in the results you will achieve with Milestone Mapping Mastery, that I'm offering you a 100%, no questions asked, risk free Money Back Guarantee:

In short, I am 100% confident that when you incorporate Milestone Mapping into your daily life, you will become a balanced, Master Manifestor bar none!

And I'm so sure that implementing this process will allow you to set & achieve any intention you desire, that I am allowing you to try it Risk Free for 60 days!

Isn't it time you give yourself this opportunity?

YES - Stephanie, I'm READY
to transform my life today!

I understand I'll be instantly downloading the entire Milestone Mapping Mastery Course, the 30-Volume LOA Bonus Library, and all of the "Balance Bar Bonuses" you've assembled for me
for only $97.00, $47.00 today and today only. SPECIAL - ONLY $27 NOW THROUGH EASTER!

On top of that, I understand my investment is backed by your risk free, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

You will get INSTANT ACCESS right now
-- Even if it's 3.00 A.M.!

*NOTE: These are digital downloads in Adobe PDF and MP3 Format and you will be taken directly to the download page upon successful completion of checkout. Should you experience any problems being returned to the proper page, please simply email:
mulacsites @ gmail.com

(Click the Order Button Above to Download.)

Contained within this very page is the missing link that 95% of the population has overlooked when it comes to manifesting abundance and reaching heights of success they will be destined to only dream of.

YOU have found the key - and now it's up to YOU to turn it in the lock!

To Your Infinite Evolution!

P.S. Please keep in mind that this $27 is valid ONLY on this page until midnight, March 31st, so please, I urge you to take advantage of this exclusive offer and download your copy of Milestone Mapping Mastery before it's too late!
233-546450122 (INTERNATIONAL LINE)
LOCAL LINE (0546450122
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Apr 10,2013
Disciples Training, 1st May - 31st May, 2013
Jesus Christ in His earthly Ministry took most of His time in training His disciples to carry on the work of the Ministry. The evidence of that was seen in the lives of the Apostles. Today, little or no attention is paid to training disciples into the work of the Ministry as commanded by Christ in Matt. 28: 18-20

It is in the light of this that the World Victory Missions, in conjunction with the Global Disciples Training Alliance, is coming up with an intensive one month Disciples to commence from the 1st of May to 31st May, 2013, for both morning and evenings. Be informed that participants will be sent for a 2â??month field work (practicals) and thereafter be given a certificate of completion.

Please call these numbers + 233-243-658998 and + 233-302-710021 for information about registration formalities.

[From: ]
Apr 10,2013
There is a chance that you are here because you are looking for a true formula for success that will get you everything you want in your life.

We might even dare say that you reading this is not an accident also.

But if there's one thing we're certain, we believe that this will be the most important letter you will ever read in your entire life.

We promise that once you are done, you will know the secret tool that will transform your life forever.

You will learn the success secrets that will help you to:

We know this may sound like it is too good to be true, and if may be perfectly honest, we would be downright skeptical about these promises right now.

In fact, you might probably have invested in hundreds of book and courses and spent thousands of dollars already all these things so you'll be thinking, "What makes this any different?"

The fact is, we used to be in this position as well.

Because at that point in time, our lives were in such a mess, that it would be a miracle if we could swim out of the muck we were in.

We were fighting really, really hard just to be mediocre!

With no light at the end of the tunnel, we were on the verge of giving up and throwing in the towel on our personal life, our finances, our relationships and our dreams.

As bitter as we were, fate was about to change for us.

When we stumbled upon this one little secret, this 'missing ingredient' that we have been searching for throughout our entire lives, it transformed us in such a short time that looking back, we would not believe that we were like that before we discovered it!

People who have learned the ultimate art of manifesting everything they want in their lives have found that they had one skill that changed everything.

They have learned how to MASTER each and every one of their thoughts.

Successful People Have Have The Ability To Think Differently Which Is The Single Ingredient That Changes Everything...

History has shown that the most successful people use their minds and their thoughts to transform the world.

It is not something based on talent, ability, money or even their upbringing.

They just have the ability to influence everything around them like 'mind control'.

People such as:

These people are all just like you and I - they are normal human beings who used their minds in extraordinary ways.

You have the same power within you.

All you need to do is to learn how to access it because there is so much more you can do.

How Thoughts Affect Us In Every Single Way...

It doesnâ??t matter if you are a celebrity, a hot shot CEO, world class Olympics contender, an average Joe or the girl next door, everyone wants the same thing â?? to create an abundant, balanced life mentally, emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually.

Chances are, you really want all these â?? to seek a financially abundant life, to enjoy deep fulfilling relationships, to live your everyday life filled with purpose and energy and to have a fit body that will put people half your age to shame.

But nothing seems to work even after attending all the personal development seminars, reading all the books, working with life coaches, studying self improvement articles and motivating yourself over and over again to make life work for you â?? but you still feel stuck in a rut because of one thingâ?¦

The negative chatter within your mind.

Itâ??s almost as though you have this small voice chattering inside your head telling you that youâ??re no good, that something might go wrong, or you do not have enough â?? giving you endless stress, incessant worries about the future and very little peace of mind.

If you know what Iâ??m talking about, believe me â?? you are not the only one.

Take a look at what world famous A-list megastar Jim Carrey has to say about his mindâ?¦

â??Your thoughts are just an illusion. It is responsible for all if not most of your suffering. No one is aware that Iâ??m thinking!â??

Can you imagine?

Yes, even someone as affluent, funny and successful as Jim Carrey is also prone to bouts of depression and understands that all his success, wealth and fame amounts to nothing as all his suffering comes from being fixated on his thoughts.

He also explains how he has become locked in a prison of his very own mind because he has spent most of his childhood trying to entertain his terribly ill mother.

If A-list celebrities can get stuck in the sufferings of their own thoughts, then it is time to start taking the first step towards freedom!

Why Thoughts Are So Important...

According to the book "The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts To Change Your Life And The World", the author - Lynne McTaggart holds to the view that a thought is a thing that affects other things.

Thoughts are rarely static.

What you focus on expands. And as a result of thinking a certain thought pattern for years, people cannot understand why their thoughts lock them up into fixed beliefs and patterns of thinking.

Nothing in this world happens by accident.

Nobody stumbles upon success by accident.

Nobody gets into (or stays in) a bad and unfulfilling relationship by accident.

In fact, medical science is starting to find alternative sources of healing by first healing the mind before the body can truly heal.

To quote a very popular but highly pertinent truth of life from â??The Matrixâ??:

Neo: If you're killed in the matrix, you die here?

Morpheus: The body cannot live without the mind. Your mind makes it real.

In fact, if we really take the time to consider how powerful the impact our thoughts have on our daily, practical life, you will be amazed at how it shapes our destiny in many areas of our lives!

Scientific Examples Of How Thoughts Create Realities...

Even at the tiniest level, atomic particles are being shifted around due to our thoughts.

The earth behaves like a really huge electrical conductor. Scientists discovered that the earth vibrates at a certain 'thought frequency' that is exactly the same as the human brain. It is as though the earth has a 'heartbeat' of it's own.

Because thoughts are electromagnetic fields, each and every thought in our mind has the ability to vibrate the earth depending on the intensity of your thoughts.

What this means to you is that there is a true scientific explanation about how our thoughts can literally cause the earth to send us the things we want.

When you sit in a car and hum a tune in your mind, without uttering a word or a sound, the person sitting next to you picks it up and might even start singing it. It's not a coincidence.

When you have the 'feeling' that it is going to rain, somehow, you are right and it will start to rain.

Even when you are thinking about a friend you haven't called in a long time and you hesitate about calling them, within minutes or hours, that friend might even call you first.

These examples prove that each and every thought sends out a signal to the earth that transcends time and space.

The earth aligns it's frequency to your thoughts and you can manipulate anything you want the right tools.

How This Information Is Really CRITICAL For YOU!

We really want to drive home the most important point right now.

Take a look at this very popular quote and life lesson:

Can you imagine how a single thought can profoundly affect your DESTINY?

Make no mistake about it - if you have no control over your thoughts, your thoughts CONTROL YOU!

There is no middle ground about it.

Your thoughts are either your friend or your foe.

You tame it, or it tames you.

No sitting on the fence.

Everything starts with a single thought...

Is It Possible To Control Our Thoughts?

The answer is YES, but it will require the right tools to be in the right place.

Our minds have been 'trained' to go all over the place...

People often react rather than act.

People are sometimes conditioned by their parents that they are no good, they are not smart enough and they carry a lot of fear in them.

It is very difficult to control all your thoughts because you have been conditioned otherwise all these years.

This is where we come in.


Power Follows Thoughts Master Course
A Powerful Set Of Experiential Tools And Techniques That Will Transform Your
Thoughts And Create Your Destiny!

We have all the tools you will need that will:

This course took us years to put together.

Years of personal findings, documentation, testing, research and even more testings later, we have come up with this 'secret formula'.

This will be your key to unlocking an abundant life, full control over your personal journey, the health of a youth, more financial opportunities you can ever dream of and reveal your ultimate life purpose for what you are meant to do in this world.

Click Here For Instant Access!

Each audiobook is carefully designed so that you can master every single aspect of your thoughts.

All you need to do is to save them on your iPhone or iPod, or any recording device, just press play as you are sitting down and we'll do all the work with you.

You'll have 7 different techiques you can use and each will be thoroughly covered in each audiobook.

Technique 1: How To Visualize And Magnify Your Thoughts So You Can Accomplish Everything You Want In Your Life

Taking charge of your thoughts in every area of your life is the foundation of mastering your mind.

The thing we will work on is to help you to thrive in every single area of your life. Balance is really crucial and each area that is deficient will definitely hold you back from getting what you want.

No stone is left unturned because we desire for you to have the most thriving, balanced life that you can have.

We will start with these 10 areas of your life:

Your personal life
Your financial life
Your career
Your habits
Your health
Your fitness levels
Your spiritual growth
Your family life
Your friendships
Your love life

Every single dream you have ever wanted for every area of your life will be well addressed and meticulously attended to so that no area will be lacking.

Technique 2: The Nature Of Energy And How You Can Make Energy Work For You Rather Than Against You

Thoughts are like energy and energy is the foundation of everything. You will learn how each and every thought sends a signal out into the universe and how to manipulate these signals to tells the universe what you want.

After all, what you focus on expands.

By following the exercises in this module, you will learn how to 'change the states' of your mind, your emotions and your body to create a workable system for your life to achieve your dreams.

You will also learn how to 'shift' between emotional states so you can quickly manifest the right kind of thoughts you want rather than attract all the wrong ones as a result of bad emotions.

People who master this level is already far ahead compared to the rest of society.

Technique 3: How Emotional Blockages Hold You Back In Manifesting What You Want And How You Can Remove All These Hindrances Permanently

Emotinal blockages are one of your biggest enemies to manifestation and they must be eradicated as quickly as possible.

These blockages are often very difficult to remove because they are entrenched since childhood and once you recognize all these self limiting beliefs will you be able to open yourself up to lasting change.

Notice patterns in your self-talk - see how it hinders you from living up to your full potential.

As soon as these emotional blockages are removed, your thoughts will be free to focus on the positive, creative and abundance attracting power that you were meant to have.

Technique 4: Transform Your Ability To Change Circumstances With A Simple Shift

If you have ever felt like a victim to your circumstances, it is now time for you to transform this aspect of your life so that you become the maestro of your life.

No longer will circumstances blow you around like the wind.

We will show you how to wrestle away your personal power the outside forces that are affecting you and you will gain full control over each and every move you make in life.

Technique 5: The Right Way To Reconnect With Your True Self And To Access Your Inner Power Like Never Before

Reconnecting to your true self is very important if you want to align your thoughts to your greatest advantage.

Many times in society, we are pigeon-holed into roles we don't like to play. Hence it creates an extreme tention for us to act or live life in a certain way.

The way out of this is to deeply connect with yourself on an authentic level and tune in to the power of the universe.

Like an antenna, your mind will be tuned to be in alignment with the universe and you will start to see the blessings flow more naturally.

Technique 6: How To Harness The Universal Laws Of The Universe And Get All The Resources You Need To Fulfill Your Dreams

We have now come to a very beautiful place. Once all the blockages are cleared and you are deeply in tune with your true self will you start to see the power of manifestation at work.

You have already come this far by now.

It's time to reap the fruits of your labor and all your hard work.

You will find the reason why the 'law of attraction' do not work for a lot of people is because they have yet to clear out all the clutter in themselves.

Learn how you can harness the power of faith in your lives and work with the universe to create your own reality.

Technique 7: Find Your True Path And Your Life Purpose And Live Each Day Charged With Unlimited Energy

You have now come to a place of higher guidance. This is the path for people who want to take their thoughts, dreams, manifestations and life purpose to the next level in an exciting and enlightening way.

We can only do so much as a human being. But once you are able to tap into your higher power and see your inner guidance, will you be able to fulfill your life purpose and live each and every day with vibrant energy.

This is the final milestone to true abundance and you will enjoy the benefits long after you have stopped manifesting because your thoughts will be in tune at such a high frequency that manifesting your dreams will work on autopilot. Being successful at everything comes as second nature and your change will be permanent!

You will find your true life purpose and transform your thoughts to the point that you can manifest big dreams and anything your heart desires.

There's Also This Additional Support Tool Designed To Further Enhance Your Results In Manifesting Using Your Thoughts...

Guidance on how you can balance each of the 10 areas of your life

How to understand the 17 levels of emotions and how it affects your daily productivity

The fastest way to clear out all your emotional blocks that are holding you back

The exercises that will help you to break out from defeating thought patterns

How to create lightning fast manifestation

The best way to connect with yourself so you can make the best out of your talents

How to find the next best step to move forward in any situation

Companion Workbook

This workbook goes hand in hand with the toolkit to change your thoughts and your life...

How Much Is This Program Going To Cost Me?

If you had a genie that will grant you 7 magic wishes, how much would you pay for this genie?

Of course, such a genie does not exist, but we can give you the next best thing - the ability to control all your thoughts and manifest whatever you want in life.

It's like being your own genie and better yet, you don't need to depend on a genie.

Because you can do it with these tools.

People hesitate a lot because they are overly cautious about what they should do with their lives.
But let me be honest with you - there are rarely many second chances in life.

You might pass this chance by but after a few years from now, would you say that you truly harnessed your true power to accomplish your dreams?

Do not gamble with your life.

People would pay any amount just to have a 'genie' in their lives.

But we have no intention of charging you this today.

The normal price of a training course like this is usually at $497.

But we want to make this as affordable for you as possible.

Even at $197, the information you are getting here will transform your life - it is almost a steal!

And you'll be amazed at what I'm about to do. I'll knock this one out of the park right now.

All you need to do is invest $27.
Today's Special Price...

Why Is This Program Made So Affordable?

We're going to share with you a story and this is going to get a little emotional...

There was a point in our struggles when we would've given an arm and a leg just to have one big break.

Just one - in our desperation and despair, we made a cry out to the universe asking for an opportunity, just one opportunity to have a breakthrough.

We promised that if we found the way to play this game called life and win at this game, we would pay it back and share with everyone how it has transformed us.

We have made good on this promise even until this very day.

I'm not sure about your situation now, but I'm very sure that everyone can use a 'big break' once in awhile.

Maybe you have prayed for it.

Maybe you have asked for a sign.

Whatever it is, you have this opportunity to make a serious change in your life.

And To Make Sure You Are Fully Covered, Here Is My 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee!

I totally understand that you might be skeptical about programs because of stuff you tried out in the past and it didn't work for you.

But deep down inside I know that if you truly apply what you learn in the Power Follows Thoughts master course you will be able to truly transform your life permanently..

That is why I'm giving you this bold guarantee.

I'm so confident in the results you will achieve with this course, that I'm offering you a 100%, no questions asked, risk free Money Back Guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

This Could Be Your Last Chance!

To put it simply, there are only 2 decisions you can make at this point.

The crossroads is where you are standing on right now.

You can either go back to where things were - like Morpheus from the Matrix, just take the Blue Pill and forget everything you have read here.

You can be content with your life. Be content with a dead-end job, an unhappy financial position or a life you would 'settle for' instead of work harder at.

But on the other hand, you can take a leap of faith and embrace true abundance and accomplish all your dreams and your goals.

The choice is yours, but if I were you... I would make the right choice and make a difference. After all, you have nothing to lose.

Click on the button below and you will open yourself to worlds you will never imagine.

(Digital Download Gets Delivered Anytime - Even at 3AM In The Morning!)

To Your Success,
Khai S. Ng & Yuenn Ng

P.S. Remember: Your purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose except a chance to try it out for yourself and change your life!

P.P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at G1210TEM@YAHOO.COM we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
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Apr 9,2013
But we prayed to our God, and because of them we set up a guard against them day and night.

After one of our many radio broadcasts in which I talked about the vital importance of praying together as a couple (I hope youâ??re hearing that strongly in this book, because it is so essential to the success of your marriage), a gentleman wrote me with a new way of looking at this. I thought this was quite profound and encouraging: When I was growing up, we lived in a small three-bedroom bungalow, so it was impossible not to hear my parents audibly praying each night before they went to sleep. I grew accustomed to hearing their nightly words of petition and gratitude for each one of us as they knelt down together beside their bed.

Several years ago, as I was sorting through some of my own parenting strategies and comparing them to my parents, I received this mental picture: I see parenting as a wall that we construct by choosing various stones. Some are the same ones our parents used, while others are decidedly different. But regardless, there will always be gaps between these irregularly shaped stones. None of our walls are perfectly constructed. That is where prayer comes in. Those prayersâ??like the ones my parents faithfully sent heavenward over the yearsâ??are the mortar supplier. As we pray, God fills in the gaps and makes the wall strong.

Heâ??s right. There are no perfect parents. There are no foolproof strategies that work without incident every single time. But there is prayer. And there is God. And there is a power unleashed as we humble ourselves before Him that does more than any how-to parenting procedure on the planet. As you build your wall, caulk it with prayer. And watch God hold back your enemies.

Talk about the noticeable changes God has brought about in your life as youâ??ve committed to praying together.

Pray that in the years remaining, you will be able to count on one hand the nights you failed to pray with each other.
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Apr 9,2013
Let me quickly explain about this historic miracle: A long-time and beloved friend of mine and of this ministry shared something with me this week that literally touched me to the core!

â??Benny,â?? he said, â??God wants your ministry to be completely out of debt, and I want to plant an anointed seed that will help you take a giant step toward becoming totally debt-free!â??

Now this is a very precious man of God whom I have known and loved more than three decades. He has been such a blessing to the cause of Christ. So when he said this, needless to say, I was thrilled beyond words at his unbelievable generosity and the remarkable timeliness of his offer.

You see, even as God has given us a new beginning, we have faced incredible challenges as a ministry as a result of things that happened in the past few years. At the same time our broken home was attracting attention from worldwide news services, the economies of so many of the countries where our partners live have been hit mercilessly. As a result, some of our partners decided to suspend giving or to simply walk away.

And while we have seen God beginning to restore so much, one of the last pieces of the puzzle has been our finances. So you can only imagine how it nearly took my breath away when he told me how much...

But then there was something more this man of God added:

Benny, God has laid it on my heart to plant a seed of $2.5 million into your ministry, but God only wants me to make this gift if the ministry partners match the amount within 90 days! I feel so strongly that He wants them to be part of the supernatural wealth transfer that is coming to every believer who will obey Godâ??s Word.

What could I say? Immediately I saw the hand of God in this. Our Lord could have simply used our friend to plant the seed and be blessed immeasurably by it. But it was so evident that God wants to provide an even greater miracle than the $2.5 million. He desires for our partners and ministry friends to be blessed as they join together with this precious man of God by planting a much larger seed into the work of the Lord, and, in so doing, doubling the blessings.

I quickly told him, â??I cannot say no. When I share with my partners what God is doing, they will jump at the chance to be part of this amazing opportunity. I just know it!â??

This Incredible Season of Miracles Begins Now
Thatâ??s why I am now coming to you through this urgent and time-dated letter. We have an astonishing opportunity to release an amazing $5 million harvest into this ministry by matching an incredible $2.5 million gift in the next 90 days, or the opportunity will pass. We cannot let that happen. Not now. Not during this incredible season!

My dear friend who is planting this seed has lived the principle of giving unselfishly to the Gospel throughout his life and ministry, and he has been fabulously successful. I believe, with him, that this is a unique moment in timeâ??an awesome season of debt cancellationâ??as the wealth transfer takes place to Godâ??s people around the world.

Godâ??s Word proclaims that His grace is â??sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weaknessâ?? (2 Corinthians 12:9). Because of Godâ??s grace, He wants to restore your home, your favor, your protection, your fellowship with Him, and so much more. And I truly believe that as you take part in this great challenge as we match this $2.5 million gift together, you will see a miraculous breakthrough in breaking the bondages of debt during the next 90 days.

Your Double Harvest Miracle
Are you ready for God to do the â??impossibleâ?? in your life!

Are you ready to see your harvest doubled?

Are you ready to see your debt cancelled in the next 90 days?

Imagine not dreading going to the mailbox, no bills piling up on your counter, and no calls from collectors coming to your home. God wants to wipe your debt out! Every bit of it...and in the next 90 days!

This is an appointed hour. Imagine: Your $100 gift immediately doubles to $200. Your $500 seed literally becomes $1,000. If God leads you to plant $10,000, it instantly grows into a $20,000 seed! And your double seed, sown bountifully, will reap bountifully through the supernatural law of multiplication!

Only God could provide something like thisâ??a double harvest for you. And the more you plant, the more you will reap!

The anointing for biblical abundance is being released. As you step into this miracle by faith, it will be poured out upon you, too! Your giving is literally the weapon that breaks the bondage of debt in this ministry and in your home during the next 90 days.

Plant your seed-gift now, then begin confessing over every bill, every debt, and every area of financial struggle in your life:

â??With God Iâ??m coming out of debt in 90 days!!!â??

These repeated confessions will be constant reminders of the financial breakthrough that is coming to you.

Plant Your Seed Todayâ?¦See It Doubled
I love you so deeply, my precious partner and friend, and Iâ??ve never needed you more. So Iâ??m counting on you today to stand with Suzanne and me during this amazing season of debt cancellation. Give toward taking the life-saving and miracle-working Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting and desperate world of souls who are facing their own â??impossibleâ?? situations.

Sow your seed today. Whatever you plant will be doubled!

Be part of making this $2.5 million matching gift double in the coming 90 days and unleash the divine law of multiplication in your life.

God will bless you mightily for the most generous gift you can give during this miraculous season, so be prepared for His double-harvest blessings, for we know it is â??not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hostsâ?? (Zechariah 4:6).
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Apr 8,2013

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Apr 8,2013
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Apr 7,2013
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Apr 5,2013
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Apr 4,2013
Jesus christ told the deciples that they should go ye into the world and preach the gospel.l am the founder of a christian family called Preachers Of The Gospel Union(POGU).we have been preaching the gospel for five years now.We go to villages,schools and churches to organize crusade and prayer conference.It is a time for you to donate and support us reach every part of the world.The bible says Isaac sowed a seed and harvested whatever he sowed in hundredfold.l want you to test God with any amount at all.you can donate through western Union.you can also contact us on wristbismark@yahoo.com,wristbismark@gmail.com or call +233546445308.If you are a scammer stay away.If you try spirit of God will expose you
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Apr 3,2013
You shall rise up before the grayheaded and honor the aged, and you shall revere your God.

As a teenager, I recall my dad pushing back from the dinner table and walking a few blocks to visit his mother. Sometimes I would go with him, though the visits were pretty boring. There was little more than the ticking and occasional chirping of the cuckoo clock and the creaking of Grandma Raineyâ??s rocking
chair. Not exactly high-tech entertainment for an adolescent. But my dadâ??s commitment to maintain a relationship with his mom made an impression on me. Iâ??ve never forgotten it.

Looking back now over the 26 years my own mom lived alone after my dadâ??s death, I wish I had done a better job of keeping up communication with her. Sure, we lived 4 hours away, and yes, we had 6 children in 10 years. Barbara had health issues. We were incredibly stretched and busy. Even my attempts at calling Mom once a week didnâ??t always happen. And though we went to see her several times a year, Iâ??m convinced I didnâ??t think often enough about the loneliness she was experiencing with her increasing age. As I went through her bedroom after her death, I discovered a dresser drawer full of notes I had written her over the years. I believe she kept every one.

It made me wonder how many times each of them had been read and re-read. It made me wish there had been more. It made we wish Iâ??d been as attentive to her all along as I became in the last two years of her life after she got sickâ??holding her hands, kissing her on the cheek, turning off the television when I visited so that we could talk without distraction. If itâ??s still possible, I urge you to make the sacrifices to keep your relationship intact with your parentsâ??encouraging them, appreciating them, making sure they know how much they mean to you.

If your parents are living, what could you do to keep in touch with them more often?

While asking the Lord to keep and protect your parents, offer yourself as part of His answer.
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Apr 3,2013
Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another. ROMANS 13:8

Itâ??s been both fun and extremely touching in writing these devotions to go back through the mailbag and re-read some of the letters Iâ??ve received over the years. I love hearing from those who have been inspired through our ministry to invest in their families.

Hereâ??s an excerpt from one of my favorites:

After listening to your broadcast, I was motivated and excited to write a tribute to my parents. We were planning a big eightieth birthday celebration for my dad in June, and I thought this would be the perfect
gift for him. When the big day came, I had the tribute ready. I wanted to read it aloud, but there were a lot of friends and relatives there, and I knew I would get very emotional. I was about to chicken out, but my daughter said, â??Mom, you canâ??t just give it to him. You have to read it to him. Itâ??ll mean so much more.â?? So through laughter and tears and with great emotion I made it through. When I finished, my dad said, â??That is the best gift anyone has ever given me.â?? Little did I know, however, that I would never see him again this side of heaven. He died of an aneurysm the very next day. Writing that tribute has helped me deal with my dadâ??s death. When a loved one dies, we often have regrets of what we didnâ??t say or do. Guilt can seep in and overwhelm us. But it has brought me great comfort knowing that I was able to express my love and gratitude to him in a way Iâ??ll never forget. I cannot thank you enough for what youâ??ve done in making my
last moments with my dad a real treasure.

Her letter reminds us that we should speak our words of love and gratitude to family members when they are alive. No regrets.

What is something youâ??ve always regretted not doing or not saying to honor someone? How could you go about rectifying it?

Ask God for the gift of gratitude . . . and for clear opportunities to express it to others.
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Apr 2,2013
SoNaQuah (Habits and Addictions)
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In our everyday human living either by curiosity or the by the challenges of life and by the weaknesses of our human body, we get involved with habits and practices which later take a hold of us strongly against our will and interest. What we started by choice grows and matures to master us and take us captives as slaves. Whenever we as humans are caught up in situations painful and embarrassing, one thing that restore hope is when we know that there is a way out. There is no condition-absolutely none that is without remedy. The condition under review today is things that we started doing, continued doing and now want to stop doing but we are unable to. What i started by choice, why can't i stop by the same choice? The things that we do by desire or curiosity may not necessarily in themselves be wrong but when we loose our superior position of being in charge to being taken charge of then there is a contradiction and something is definitely wrong. ( Relax, get patient and read through slowly in a way that makes u capture every details. Its not reading through that matters, but catching the substance that brings the change). Humans are created to dominate and to rule and not the other way round. The best of us is manifested when ever we are in charge. That we are taken captives by a thing or the other is like turning the world up-side-down with the sky beneath us and the earth above us. Birds flying on land and the fish and beast swimming and moving above. Its a total contradiction. The excitement and essence of humanity is having what we desire with patience and doing the things we gladly want to do with joy and confidence. All forms of negative habits and addictions are slavery and contrary to the God likeness to which man was designed to conform. Probably if there be anything we strongly want to resist: it is being a slave to anyone or anything. It is said that the road to the top is the same road down. If this is so, then the opposite is true. The first step to breaking away from this slavery is knowing the way that led us there. It is this way that holds us bondage through and through and render us helpless. The way (the circumstance or factors) that led us unto these paths must be noticed and avoided. Two things come into play here: 1, the FACTORS that led us there and 2, the ATTITUDE we lacked that made these factors take a hold on us. These factors or circumstances may be out of curiosity, peers, cares of life, insecurity, hurts, disappointments etc. The ATTITUDES which we lacked that led us victims may also be impatience, self control and discipline, forgiveness, self motivation, self confidence etc. For example: if u were given to alcoholism because of disappointment or anxiety, it means then that drinking was your remedy to the disappointment and anxiety. In your attempt to quit, anytime you feel disappointed and anxious about a thing the edge for drinking immediately shows up as your 'dependable' remedy. It is also true of other addictions as masturbation, Pornography, stealing, telling lies, drugs, prostitution etc. Ask yourself- which attitude did i lack that gave way to these things and under what condition did it first happen. Knowing this is having the sword to strike and the fire to consume. Avoid and overcome the circumstances that led to the first occurance and identify the rightful attitude you lacked and develop that rightful attitude to withstand the edge. What is next is keeping up the FAITH that we will overcome and the PATIENCE to await the total victory. Jesus is Lord and the panacea Of all human problems. May God bless us all. Pls send your comments and suggestions to SoNaQuah@yahoo.com or call 0249178034 or 0266661006.
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Mar 28,2013
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Mar 28,2013
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Mar 27,2013
For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus. ROMANS 3:23-24

As my flying companion (from the story I began yesterday) and I began to talk, I asked about his relationship with God. He told me about a near-fatal accident he had once experienced. After rolling his truck several times, he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A few minutes later, he was resuscitated. He said that while he was â??dead,â?? he saw a hand come out of the light and push him back toward his earthly life.

I asked him if he believed God has a reason, or purpose, for his life. When he nodded yes, I took the next 10 minutes to explain the gospel to him. You would think that someone who had been through such an experience would be spiritually receptive to the gospel. He wasnâ??t. Like many, he was determined to reach heaven on his terms, not Godâ??s. My new acquaintance thought that Jesus Christ might be the way for me but not for him. My conversation that day was a fresh reminder that the real need of people is to acknowledge their need for the one true God, to admit their sinfulness and to experience by faith His love and forgiveness. If we donâ??t understand our own sinfulness and the judgment and penalty it demands, then there seems to
be no need for the Savior.

Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised so that, if we humble ourselves and receive Him as our Lord and Savior, we can be forgivenâ??despite any mess that weâ??ve made of our lives. No, this man did not make a commitment to Christ. My responsibility before God was to be faithful to share Jesus Christ and give him the opportunity to surrender to Christ. I hope he wonâ??t forget our conversation. I certainly wonâ??t. Iâ??m still praying for him.

What is your understanding of your sinfulness? Why do you need the Savior?

Spend time praying for people you know, including your children, who need to understand why they need Christ.
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